joi, februarie 24, 2005

plagiarism? [english]


The "suspect" image:


The original:





At the first look, the two images have the same theme: some abstract spirals. This may be considered legitimate artistic inspiration, this is why i will concentrate on other aspects.

  1. dimensions: the "suspect" image does not use the standard OOo splash size - 440x300, but the same as Adobe Reader 440x286

  2. colors: both images are divided in two zones, one white and the other darker, with the same aspect ratio and the same soft margin

  3. logo: both logos (Adobe Reader and are placed in the same position and uhave the same size (both using thwo colors, one for the fist word and another for the rest is just a coincidence)

  4. secondary logo: both images have a secondary logo (PDF and respectyvely Sun) placed in about the same position


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  1. While there may well be math that is similar, I do not agree Adobe was ripped off.


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