miercuri, septembrie 29, 2004


nu tin minte sa mai fi vazut pina acum un alt refuz, dar Charles pare acum hotarit in ceea ce priveste proiectul NL bulgar.

I don't doubt that the Bulgarian team is willing and
able to do this work. But there is more to building a NL project than
setting the templates and upload the content. Much more. There is also a
long time commitment and a some managing and teambuilding skills, among
other things. A "good" NL project is not the one who has the
best-looking web site, it's the one who has a large, committed and
lively community.

si mai departe:
I'm just judging on some
obvious elements (size of the team, localization, etc...). It's true
that many projects were opened at the stage they are now, with small
teams. But if you look at the results, they have been more negative than
positive imho. This is why I chose to be cautious.

he, he! asa ar cam fi proiectul .RO! a pornit cu un singur om (cdriga), nu a facut nimic in ce priveste localizarea, iar listele de mail sint aproape moarte - luna asta nu cred ca am primit decit spam

nota: bine ca mesajul asta e in romana si nu il inteleg prea multi, altfel poate ne-ar desfinta proiectul :D

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